Six Stages

Our Six Stages

Our 6 stage process will smoothly guide you through the application process to have an Unbelievable Summer Adventure.

You'll be travelling on a J-1 Cultural Exchange Visa when you go to summer camp.

In order to obtain this visa, you need sponsorship.

Organising this sponsorship will be the responsibility of Sport USA Camps.

By following these steps you will be preparing yourself to be placed in the best way possible.

Stage 1


Stage 2

Contract and Payment

Once you have signed the contract and paid, you will then be part  of our Camps community. 

You will receive a link where you can build your profile and upload your documents.

We will guide you through the 6 stages of profile building.

Stage 3


Stage 4


Camp selection and guidance on your personal statement video. Our suggestion would be to shortlist your top 5 camps that you most desire.

The reason behind this is to make sure that you have back up plans. Sometimes your profile will not match the ethos and culture of the camp or all placements have been taken.

You will be advised on both by your agent.

Receive confirmation of top 3 camps with detailed outlines of each camp (location/facilities/size/roles and responsibilities etc).

Stage 5


Introduction to camp managers with guidance on interview technique and the best questions to ask.

Sport USA Camps conducts extensive checks to ensure that the applicant is satisfied with their chosen camp.

Once you have been interviewed and given a contract, sign it to move onto the J1-Visa.

Stage 6


Join the Programme

Work, Earn and Travel to experience an Unbelievable Summer Adventure

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