Camp leaders

Camp Leaders

One thing- KIDS 24/7

As a camp councillor your role is to be the perfect role model. To encourage all to be confident and show support in all they do.

You will be living, working helping, encouraging and having fun fun fun for 9 weeks. Incredible rewarding but demanding. 

This rewarding role will require you to supervise activities, such as outdoor education, creative arts, sports, but most of all create a fun safe friendly environment. 

Below we have listed some other qualities that will help you have a positive impact when placed and working in a camp.


Empathetic and Encouraging use of language is key when dealing with young student athletes. The camp leaders will shape your demeanor and behavior, and you will improve your ability to adapt and communicate effectively with a wide range of characters. 

Team Responsibilties

You will be working individually or as part of a team, with the potential of organizing and leading your own coaching sessions. This will give you the freedom to express your creativity and share your passion with other students. There are many roles available, and if you have the right experience, interest, and skill set, you can find one that fits you.

Child Welfare

Pastoral care with the knowledge that you must lend a helping hand when young campers are in need It might be either physical or emotional.


Sport USA Camps places a lot of value on how you conduct yourself while at camp. Being vivacious, passionate, enthusiastic, and caring, as well as someone who goes above and beyond to help everyone around them, is a necessity. We value your ability to behave in this way while you are a camper, and we have a zero-tolerance policy for camp leaders who do not uphold these standards.

Positions Available

Simply browse the list below and pick your top five jobs from it.

Explain what skills you have that would allow you to choose such a job and say how skilled you are in that job. Give a full explanation of your background and qualifications for each skill you've chosen.

Do you have the qualities to be a Camp Leader

Work, Earn and Travel to experience an Unbelievable Summer Adventure

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